Earn with GoldSet Standard!
1g. 34.08 EUR
1oz. 1060.00 EUR
Price in EUR per kg
Gold Fixing

Earn with GoldSet Standard!

GoldSet Standard — your path to high income.

Proven by thousands of people!

«Hundreds of thousands of people, including me, conduct a business with Global InterGold“

Denis Komlev, Russia


GoldSet Standard is one of the most popular GoldSet orders.


  • Prepayment: 540 EUR

  • The opportunity to place a preliminary GoldSet Start order with a minimum prepayment of 150 EUR *

  • The option of receiving reward units per section

  • Reward per section: 875 EUR

  • Reward per cycle: 3500 EUR

Thousands of people confirm its benefits!


Make use of the GoldSet Standard’s advantages right now:



*Find more details here.

Publication date: 2016-11-15 12:06