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Gold is an indicator of wealth and material well-being. The demand for the precious metal increases every day. Anyone who previously bought gold, can sell it with a significant benefit now. The price of the precious metal is constantly increasing.

Risks within the financial system are far too great. Gold is a reliable and a highly-liquid asset. Experts recommend buying physical gold to preserve and accumulate their capital. They advise to keep savings in the precious yellow metal, referring to it as a "safe harbor" in times of economic instability.

We have gathered authoritative opinions and views of various experts and analysts regarding the importance of buying gold to strengthen personal financial security.

All currencies are doomed

Mark Mobius is the Executive Chairman of the Board of Templeton Emerging Markets Group, the world's largest emerging markets investment company.

The investor believes that cryptocurrencies are out of control and the level of trust in them has been gradually reducing, while the interest in gold remains unchanged.

In the photo: Mark Mobius, the head of Templeton Emerging Markets Group.

According to Mobius, investors will return to proven assets, like gold, which is the major one.

Mark Mobius:

"In the long-term perspective, all currencies are doomed," Mobius says. "Gold is more like a full-fledged currency. Central banks were selling gold a few years ago, now they buy it, coming to realization what an important part of the investment portfolio it has become. "

Gold will strengthen its positions

Peter Boockvar is the Chief Investment Officer of Bleakley Advisory Group, analyst, and a veteran of Wall Street.

The expert is convinced that the cryptocurrency market will soon be headed towards meltdown.

Peter Boockvar:

"When the collapse of the cryptocurrency begins, gold will experience a new round of popularity."

In the photo: Peter Boockvar is the Chief Investment Officer of Bleakley Advisory Group.

Boockvar considers cryptocurrency a bubble, which is already running out of air. In his opinion, the cryptocurrency boom is a classic form of mania, which will eventually end in failure. The analyst calls it "a giant price race that is based on nothing."

Peter Boockvar has a trust in gold, the precious metal with a thousand-year history, and he prefers to invest his funds in this reliable long-term asset.

The price of gold will increase

Jeffrey Christian is a well-known expert on the precious metal market, a co-owner of the analytical company CPM Group.

According to the expert's forecast, gold will pass its current price range and will reach the level of $1,400 per ounce by the early 2019. According to the expert, the growth of interest rates of the U.S. Federal Reserve System will also increase the price of the precious metal.

Jeffrey Christian:

"If the Fed's rates go up, it will be bad news for the stock market and real estate, but the price of gold will grow."

In the photo: Jeffrey Christian is an analyst and a co-owner of CPM Group.

In the time of the U.S. economic situation worsening, gold will become a "lifeline", triggering a new wave of interest. This will stimulate demand for the precious metal and will serve as a supporting factor for retaining its price.

Physical gold is the best defense against financial crisis

Matterhorn Asset Management AG has been operating in the global market for 16 years and helps people to preserve their wealth in the form of precious metals that are stored outside the banking system.

Egon von Greyerz, the managing director and analyst of this company spoke about the importance of acquiring gold:

"Everyone has the opportunity to prepare for the next financial crisis and survive uneasy times without losses. The crisis can happen within the next few years. To protect yourself from it, you need to deposit money in buying physical gold beforehand."

In the photo: Egon von Greyerz, the head of the investment company Matterhorn Asset Management AG

The rules of preserving gold according to the analyst:

• own physical gold in the form of investment bars

• store your precious gold reserves outside the country of residence and outside the banking system — not in bank deposit box, but only in reputable and specially designated depositories

• to insure the precious metal in one of the well-known international insurance companies

Gold can protect from inflation

Allan Smith is an analyst, financial consultant, columnist at the American web publication Huffington Post.

In the photo: Allan Smith, business columnist at the Huffington Post website.

Smith cites several reasons why it is worthwhile to buy physical gold:

• gold is an excellent asset for portfolio diversification

• gold bars can protect against a financial crisis

• gold is a good tool against inflation risks

• gold remains a scarce commodity and it will retain its status as a symbol of wealth for a very long time

• no one will know the exact amount of the precious metal that you own if you buy physical gold on the Internet

Gold and financial security

Gold is the best tool for preserving wealth. Gold bars represent a reliable insurance in case of economic crisis and inflation.

The purchase of gold is an effective way to strengthen your financial security, preserve and accumulate money.


Buy gold now!

Attain financial security for yourself!



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Created: 17.05.2018
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