Enjoy GoldSet Global 30 more days without qualification!
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1oz. 1087.00 EUR
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Enjoy GoldSet Global 30 more days without qualification!
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The GoldSet Global Smart & GoldSet Global Pro orders have picked up speed and Global InterGold is not willing to put the brakes!

What is the new offer for Global InterGold clients?


GoldSet Global Smart & GoldSet Global Pro

Ever since the company launched the new GoldSet Global orders for the purchase of the new Global InterGold-branded investment gold bars, clients from 152 countries have accelerated and increased their income!

The GoldSet Global orders offered the innovation to receive reward units before the full completion of the table. On top of all that, you could enjoy a very special offer: to receive reward units without qualification until 11 June.

Great news!

The company has seen a very keen interest from the international Global InterGold community in the new GoldSet Global orders for which demand is high, and customer feedback excellent.

Therefore, Global InterGold has decided to prolong the period for you to keep enjoying this special offer!

Drive the next wave of business growth for 30 days more!

Keep receiving high income without qualification until 11 July!


For Global InterGold, your satisfaction is still the first priority

Global InterGold values its customers and endeavours to facilitate and enhance business performance.

Your feedback shows us that we are on the right track!

What are you waiting for? Place new GoldSet Global orders now!


Additional information about the new orders!

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Published: 11.06.2016
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