Exclusive Leaders Gala Dinner: Golden Feast for Elite
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Exclusive Leaders Gala Dinner: Golden Feast for Elite
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This is a very special event for a selected circle of VIP-clients; the number of seats is strictly limited. It can be accessed only at the invitation of one of the TOP leaders who distribute these invitations among the most earnest and committed clients.

You cannot miss this golden feast! Its attendance is a great honor for clients as well as a symbol of company’s respect and colleagues’ admiration. The atmosphere of the Leaders Gala Dinner is always marked by special warmth and sophistication.

And, of course, the highlight of the dinner will be a briefing-presentation by the Director of Customer Relations during a private seminar.

The Leaders Gala Dinner is a great chance to enjoy personal attention of the company's management, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of success and expand your horizons and influence in the business world.

Address your leaders and grasp the opportunity to become a part of this this extraordinary event!

Attention! Due to the exclusiveness of the event, special requirements will be applied to the use of cameras and smartphones. Photo and video shooting will be strictly prohibited!


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Published: 04.07.2017
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