Exotic Global Tour 2017 conference in the Philippines!
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Exotic Global Tour 2017 conference in the Philippines!
Global InterGold

An opportunity to immerse in the local culture

This Global Tour conference is a mixture of a business trip and a vacation in an exotic country. The organizers — Team International of Philippines – will make sure that all the participants have a great time!

Professional business advice

In turn, the company’s management and top leaders will take care of business training. They will provide useful guidance for both beginners and those who have already achieved significant results.

Exchange of experience

Global InterGold's business is available for everyone! The conference will bring together customers from all over the world, who will share their business experiences in their countries. This information is vital if you want to develop your business abroad.

Promotional materials

In addition to the experience of colleagues and the tips from gurus, proven business tools will be offered to the attendees such as promotional catalogs and booklets.

Awards Ceremony

Outstanding leaders will step on the stage to receive well-deserved awards and a rapturous applause.

Will surprises await the participants of the event? Certainly, especially those who have not been in any Global InterGold's conference yet.


Do not hesitate to contact the organizers and find out all the details!

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Published: 20.12.2016
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