Explosive growth of Global InterGold's gold business in Colombia
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Explosive growth of Global InterGold's gold business in Colombia
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Colombia in context

The situation of Colombians is rather difficult. The minimum wage is very low and the average salary in the major cities is usually lower than 384 EUR (about 1.210.000 Colombian pesos).

Even though they find themselves in a not-very-encouraging labor scenario, Colombians work very hard to support their families.

However, many of them recognized they needed a radical lifestyle change.

The evidence

That is why many people in Colombia have hurried to jump on the gold business bandwagon. This has been proven by the series of events arranged by Global InterGold's customers in the country.

The following pictures show Colombian gold business people promoting the company's opportunity:

Business meetings are also part of the evidence that supports the intense wave of gold business in Colombia.

The opportunity

Hundreds of Colombians trust Global InterGold's unique way to make money. The company's safe and reliable business model has far showed its potential to provide complete families with a stable future.

The gold business high level of development in the country is explained in detail here.

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Published: 13.03.2017
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