FAQ on how to become a Global InterGold's client
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FAQ on how to become a Global InterGold's client

How to register?

What is a UID number? How to get a sponsor?

Whom to contact should you have any questions?

How to register?

Registering in the Online Gold Shop and becoming a Global InterGold's client can only be done officially on the globalintergold.com website. The company's main website is where the safety of your personal data and funds is assured.

You can register on the recommendation of a company’s client by using his/her UID

Registration page

What is a UID number?

A UID number is a client’s unique identification number assigned by the Online Gold Shop. You can get a UID from any of the company’s clients.

The client who provides you with his/her UID number

becomes your sponsor

Your sponsor will help you getting acquainted with the company's product and bonus program as well as starting your business successfully to get high and stable income.

How to get a sponsor’s UID?

The fastest and most popular way to find a sponsor is through Global InterGold’s official Facebook page.

Customers usually leave their contact details and UID numbers in comments for you to contact any of them and get all the information and advice about the business you need.

It is advisable to choose a sponsor from your city or country. This way, meeting personally would be easier for both of you.

We wish you a successful registration!

Do you have any questions? Contact our Customer Support Service.

Publication date: 2017-01-30 15:20