[Filipino heroes] The Great Deeds of Global InterGold's clients
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[Filipino heroes] The Great Deeds of Global InterGold's clients
Global InterGold

We can't express how proud of our clients we are! They make the world a better place by giving a helping hand to people in need.

Read an incredible story that you will never forget!

The Filipino newspaper “Press Freedom” has recently published an article about an incredible act of kindness by people with a heart of gold.

Improving the lives of 59 young girls

Global InterGold's client and leader Linie Crawford together with her family members (who are also running a gold business) went to visit a government house for victims of abuse. Apart from creating a feeding program, they provided these young girls with support, attention and love.

In their sincere concern, they participated in many different activities such as singing and dancing, and had very emotional conversations. The most valuable gift for girls was the hope for a better future.

Get to know our heroes better

Linie Crawford is originally from the Cagayan de Oro City, the Philippines, but she currently lives in Australia. She says that she felt extremely happy when helping these girls who found themselves in such a difficult situation, supporting them and giving them confidence about their future. They just need to believe in themselves and go for it!

Global InterGold's heroes around the world

This is not the only case when clients of the company or GIG itself draws the attention of the international media.

In fact, we have compiled an exclusive press kit which contains the most outstanding articles about the company that have been published by newspapers from different parts of the world.

Download it to enhance the promotion of your business as well as to give other people the chance to live a better life!

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Published: 06.06.2017
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