Financial literacy — the key to your success
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Financial literacy — the key to your success
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Financial illiteracy is the root cause of most money-related problems. Because of it, people accumulate debts, fail in business and lose their livelihood. Teaching people to manage money wisely is a challenge that should be addressed at the state level.


Financial literacy is a set of knowledge and skills that helps an individual to manage savings effectively and improve well-being.

Today, in times of economic instability, the basics of financial literacy are taught in schools in Britain, the US, Japan, the Czech Republic and other countries.

On the map: financial literacy of the world population in percentages (according to the World Bank).


The levels of financial literacy

Level 0: the lack of literacy

The level is characterized by a constant shortage of money. Being at this level, the person is constantly experiencing financial difficulties, he/she cannot meet basic needs and is forced to apply for a loan. Such a person isn’t confident about the future and is unable to plan ahead.

Level 1: the ability to make a living

Having reached the first level, a person can provide sustenance. Such a person knows how to find new income-generating sources, yet spends most of the earnings, and therefore is unable to achieve stability and a high quality of life.

Level 2: the ability to preserve

A person who has this skill, not only earns well, but also preserves part of the earnings to create savings and spends money wisely.

Savings allow such a person to buy goods and services that he/she could not afford to buy based solely on salary or business income. Rationally organized reserves protect capital from risks. Saved funds allow to solve problems that require unexpected expenses, like urgent repairs or surgery.

Level 3: the ability to accumulate

At this level, a person not only preserves earnings, but also turns capital into profit, investing in accumulation tools to create passive sources of income. This means that capital increases on its own, regardless of everyday activities.

As a result, a person can spend more time with relatives, focus on hobbies, travel the world and grow both professionally and personally. All this becomes possible thanks to the “preserve and accumulate” principle.



At levels 0 and 1, a person is put in a tricky situation. Finances are at risk, the person is running out of money, becoming dependent on people and circumstances.

At levels 2 and 3, the position is solid and stable, the assets are securely protected, the level of well-being improves.

In order to reach the highest levels of financial literacy, you need to follow the “preserve and accumulate” sequence of actions. By perfecting your knowledge and skills, you can protect your savings from risks.

We at Global InterGold are convinced that everyone can do it.

To help our clients, we have developed a strategy for managing assets and strengthening Financial Security.




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Published: 25.04.2019
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Financial literacy is indeed the key to our financial crisis if put into action.I am with the optimism that people need to be educated on how to handle their hard end money so as to escape poverty in the future.
May 11
Arrouche Khalid
Arrouche Khalid
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Sep 02
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Sep 19