Financial Security: How to Stop Worrying About the Future
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Financial Security: How to Stop Worrying About the Future
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We explain what financial security means, and how to insure ourselves against bankruptcy.

Everyone wants to feel secure. However, the situation in the modern world becomes alarming. The financial crisis, the collapse of markets and political instability make more people unemployed. Prices are rising disproportionately. Taxes are skyrocketing. The fear of losing the source of income becomes so strong that every seventh inhabitant of the planet suffers from depression.

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The fear of future is caused by the lack of financial security.

Financial Security is a guarantee of stability and security.

Almost everyone has debt obligations. People take equipment, car and house loans. They do not study at their own expense, they get married by installments and mortgage their property.

America has the highest level of debt: 70% of U.S. citizens and 63.6% of Canadians are debt-burdened with loan commitments. Russia is on the third place - 57% of the country’s citizens live in debt.

Some countries, such as Argentina, pursue a deliberate policy of increasing the debt obligations of their citizens. Others, like China - strictly regulate the issuance of loans.

Advertising calls upon responsible borrowing, yet most of the borrowers are not 100% sure they will be able to repay their debts.

In addition to that, the constant depreciation of the currency and the growth of inflation put debtors at a disadvantage.

Even states with the most developed economies cannot guarantee confidence in the future for its citizens.

The Great Depression of the 21st Century

The global mortgage crisis, which affected the U.S., Russia and a number of European countries in 2008, has been named "The Second Great Depression" by various researches. According to the UN, 199 million people became unemployed in 2009. Many families still face difficult financial situations.

To remedy the situation, people undertake so much work that they cannot cope with the pressure. This causes them to take antidepressants, consume alcohol, energy drinks and other legal drugs.

The use of psychotropic drugs in the countries that suffered from the crisis most increased on average by 20% within a ten-year period. In Iceland, the rate of 118 people per thousand population use tranquilizers daily, in the USA – 110, and in Australia – 96.

According to the World Health Organization, the number of alcoholic-dependent patients also increased: from 140 million people in 2000 to 208 million in 2010. If such a growth continues, then one in twenty of the earth’s population is expected to suffer from alcoholism by 2050.

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What financial security guarantees?

Everyone dreams of overcoming financial distress and eternal busyness. But how can it happen, if money depreciates, taxes grow, and banks no longer provide a reliable place for savings?

Time proved that only gold has a true everlasting value. The yellow metal is always in demand, it is constantly growing in price.

Global InterGold developed a set of solutions that will allow each person to save and accumulate their capital with investment gold bars. Paving the way to financial security can be easily done in a group of like-minded people.

This is the way of support: every client of Global InterGold not only has individual earnings, but also gives other people an opportunity to increase their capital.

Gold is a guarantee of your financial well-being.


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Published: 11.04.2018
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