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First Global InterGold conference of clients in the luxurious InterContinental hotel, Madrid.

The conferences dedicated to the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop and its product are gaining popularity all over the globe. Business people from all corners of the planet gather together and discuss about the 21st Century trend: physical gold bars purchase.

Madrid, capital and largest city of Spain situated in the center of the country, was the city which welcomed the guests. The conference attendants found themselves in the business district where the venue of the conference was located. The place was no other than the five-star business InterContinental hotel, one of the city's most prestigious hotels.

The first day of the conference was marked by the major speech given by Global InterGold president Jens Krebs. The president spoke about the Online Gold Shop, the company, and the potential of both business opportunities and the purchase of gold. This was followed by the Development Director's speech on physical gold bars, the Online Gold Shop product, and stressed that following the latest news is crucial for the promotion and development of the business.

One of the most eagerly awaited moments was the gift giving. The president himself presented the gifts to the leaders, each of them received a limited edition gold bar in a branded package.

These gifts represent the gratitude of the Online Gold Shop for the clients' commitment, merits such as the expansion of the business on an international level. The awarded shared with the audience their secrets that have allowed them to reach great results in the gold business.

The second day of the conference was devoted to techniques and leaders' presentations. All this valuable knowledge and inspiring speeches left no one in the audience untouched and charged them with strong enthusiasm. They came back home with more energy to increase their capital and gold reserves by buying and selling gold bars.

Summing up, it can be pointed out that

  1. More and more people are aware of the importance of attending the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop conferences. These events are becoming increasingly frequent in different countries to which many clients travel moved by their interest in the development of gold business in other places.

  2. There is a noticeable increase of client's activity that leads to the possibility to earn higher income, in the countries where conferences dedicated to the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop and its product are held.

  3. The clients who attend these events are armed with more information and observe a more rapid increase of their income.


The official film crew worked at the conference. Therefore, soon you will see the best photos and videos!

Keep up with the latest updates on our website! Read and watch the latest news from the president: President's video: the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop news!


We wish you every success!

Gold, the real money!

Publication date: 2015-09-03 08:47