Get high income and all the company's presents and awards! READ HOW
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Get high income and all the company's presents and awards! READ HOW
Global InterGold

The company recently launched the new Global Pad Promotion in which every client can get a golden Apple iPad mini with the company’s logo and earn good money at the same time!

Participating in the Global Pad Promotion is not just the opportunity to get an iPad Apple: it is a contribution to your personal growth. This promotion is of practical importance as it is a unique initiative of the company providing extra motivation for the clients to increase their income.


Take part in Global InterGold's competitions and make a fortune

Earning income is nice, but receiving gifts can be just as pleasant. Moreover, Global InterGold's awards are a clear indication of your status in the company. Awards and prizes are also a proof of the business' benefits when meeting potential customers.


Participate to get all the awards from the company!

Set goals, participate in the company's contests and promotions, grow both personally and professionally and you will receive all the awards!


The best time to participate in Global Pad

Now it is the best time to participate in the Global Pad Promotion. Although contests and competitions with valuable prizes are held regularly, it is worth paying closer attention to this initiative by Global InterGold in particular.

The Global Pad Promotion is a particularly generous gesture of the company created with special care for all the customers. This promotion helps clients earn fast, smart and professional income in addition to getting an effective tool for business development.

By placing the GoldSet Global Smart and GoldSet Global Pro orders, customers enhance their participation in the Promotion. Focusing on those orders will increase the probabilities of getting a Global Pad.


Complete 12 sections: it is easy!

The understanding and the readiness to achieve your goals is what is truly needed to obtain results.

The prepayment of the GoldSet Global Pro order is 450 euros, and the remuneration after the completion of 3 sections is 3,825 reward units (= euros), which means 1,275 units for each section. Just imagine how much you would earn having completed 12 of them!

That would exactly be 1,275 x 12 = 15,300 reward units. And do not forget about the Leaders’ Awards and the Apple iPad: the perfect combination!

If you have not received any awards yet, you can also have the chance of getting a Leaders’ Watch, waterproof and made of stainless steel. This gold-plated watch with Swarovski crystals is given for the completion of the 7th section. More information about other awards here.

The Global Pad Promotion is valid until January 15th, 2017. From the moment you start participating, you have 90 days to complete 12 sections and get an Apple iPad. This period is more than enough to achieve high results. Our clients have proven that the Promotion requirements can be met in less than a month. For example, Gevork Dzhlavyan, the first customer to receive this exclusive present, completed 12 sections within just 20 days!

GoldSet Global Pro is an order for those professionally pursuing the maximum number of prizes and income increment. This order is a fast way to become a business expert!

Place a GoldSet Global Pro order

Apart from the GoldSet Global Pro order, you can also place a GoldSet Global Smart order. It has been designed for those preferring rapid and smart income. This order allows a faster completion of sections.

The prepayment is only 275 euros, and you have to complete only 2 sections to instantly receive 500 reward units per each of them.

By participating in the Promotion and completing 12 sections of the GoldSet Global Smart order, you can get 6,000 reward units. With this new order, it is even easier and faster to get rewards!

Place a GoldSet Global Smart order

You do not have to choose between orders. You can either move from Smart to Pro if you want to try both options, or place them both at the same time to complete even more sections and receive rewards faster.

Are you ready for a new level of income?

Do not forget either that the development of the business is full of positive experiences and successful people all around!

Build your career in the gold business!

Step into action right now! Place a GoldSet Global Smart order: 275 EUR

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Published: 04.08.2016
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