GIG-branded gold bars are in the spotlight!
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1oz. 1316.00 EUR
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GIG-branded gold bars are in the spotlight!

Today, we will talk about gold and learn some useful facts about Global InterGold-branded gold bars.

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Gold is a real symbol of wealth, elegance, and high status. Entire empires and trade routes were built and opened because of gold, and we all know that thousands of people joined gold rush. Probably, there is no person on the planet who dislikes this precious metal and its high value.

How to get gold easily?

Life becomes easier with Global InterGold! The Online Gold Shop offers its clients to purchase physical gold bars for 5-15% of their total cost.

The gold bars that can be purchased in the Online Gold Shop are certified by leading international authorities: LBMA, DMCC, and BORSA. They weigh from 1 to 100 grams, so they are convenient both to carry and store. Besides, the company is pioneer in the production of its own branded gold bars.

Have a look at the incredible manufacturing process!

A big step for the company

The production of GIG-branded gold bars is a proof of the company’s reliability and stability. Clients could see them for the first time at the Global Assembly 2016 in Rome, Italy, where they were officially presented. Since then, the popularity of GIG-branded gold bars grows day by day.

Anyone can get these gorgeous gold bars easily!

Watch the video and learn the 4 steps to wealth:

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Published: 06.04.2017
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