GIG’s Press Kit: Our Latest Promotional Tool
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GIG’s Press Kit: Our Latest Promotional Tool
Global InterGold

Format and content

GIG's Press Kit is available in PDF format and contains a list of links to articles about Global InterGold that have been published by independent mass media from different countries. You will also see quotations by them together with their logos.

The company is supported by prestigious news portals, financial analysts, and influential bloggers worldwide. Millions of people have access to information about Global InterGold's business opportunity.

Up to 10 million readers worldwide

The following websites have up to 10 million readers worldwide. Their publications are available for English, Italian, Russian, and Spanish speakers; and their articles about Global InterGold's business and marketing program are remarkable.

Vanguardia (Mexico)

Direttanews (Italy)

Metronews (Russia)

Malaysiandigest (Malaysia)

Bangkokpost (Thailand)

Business-standard (India)

Free download

To download our Press Kit, simply follow the link below and click on


How to use the Press Kit

A) Print it out and show it on business meetings and conferences to speak about the company.

B) Share the digital version with customers for them to use it too, apart from getting to know different perspectives on Global InterGold's business.

We wish you the best of success!

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Published: 27.02.2017
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