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Give your loved ones the present they deserve: Global InterGold's Gold Business Gift Cards!

Christmas is the best time to give both beautiful and practical gifts.

Global InterGold is proud to present the gift par excellence:


What is it?

Global InterGold's Gold Business Gift Card is a coupon-order intended for both the purchase of investment gold bars in the Online Gold Shop and starting your own gold business. You can print it out or order a physical delivery to any address worldwide. Impress everyone with its luxurious design!

How does it work?

Select a coupon-order on the Online Gold Shop's website, specify all the necessary data, and write a greeting text. Once you finish, the coupon-order will be automatically created and ready to use!

The owners of these gift cards can register on www.globalintergold.com in a couple of clicks and either buy investment gold bars or place an order under the terms of the GoldSet marketing incentives program.

You can give this present to:

  • people who have been long dreaming of starting their own business and making good money;

  • people seeking to improve their well-being and future;

  • other Global InterGold's clients that want to expand their structure.

Every dream is possible with the Gold Business Gift Cards!

Be the best Santa this year!

Give business, gold, and happiness!


Get a Gold Business Gift Card


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hurry up! The number of gift cars is limited!

Publication date: 2016-12-08 07:00