Global Assembly 2016 for the highest honour awards and titles
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Global Assembly 2016 for the highest honour awards and titles

The Global Assembly will take place on 30 April and 1 May, at Rome Cavalieri hotel, located in the centre of Rome, Italy.

Each Global InterGold customer look forward most keenly to attend this event. What awaits them at the Global Assembly 2016?

Presence of eminent personalities

The President and the Director of Development for the Global InterGold company will be in attendance at the Global Assembly to address the convention with speeches about the latest developments and news as well as future plans.

On 30th April...

the 3 Global Leaders will take the stage to instill different and important ideas and values about the business in the public. Their addresses are always regarded as indispensable for all those who aim at reaching the highest success.

What is the exclusive title and how to receive it?

On 1st May...

the attendees will delve into the success stories of the 10 Grand Leaders who stand out in different areas of the business. Their speeches will sure serve an inspiration that will help many achieve a breakthrough and make a difference in business.

What means the Grand Leader title?

One of the nº1 reasons not to miss the event

An important novelty introduced will be the nomination of 10 candidates among the public to opt for the “Grand Leader” title. What can these candidates aspire to?

High point for Award and Prize winners

Though always highly anticipated, the Leaders Award Ceremony at the Global Assembly promises to provide a magnificent finale to a historic event. The Global InterGold management will present awards for the first time ever for leaders from the 10th to the 15th level!

The Global 100 winners of February and March will also be called to climb on stage to receive their much dreamed-of gold bars. And to add a touch of love to the Global Assembly, the winners of St. Valentine's contest will receive their prizes.

The Global Assembly 2016 is your moment to make yourself a name in the gold world.

Will you let this chance pass you by?

Get your ticket now!

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Published: 18.03.2016
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