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Global Assembly 2017: registration has started!

I am happy to be here. Dreams come true with Global InterGold!”

Anastasia Turchina, Russia

You can finally register for the main event of the year dedicated to Global InterGold's unique business possibilities!

Where: Kuala Lumpur
When: 6-7 May
Why? Because...

“…there are some things that money can't buy. It is so nice to travel and have fun! We run this business like one big family”

Haslam Zainuddin, Malaysia

This event is even more promising than last year's!

The Global Assembly is an annual event where businessmen from all over the world come together to explore our earning opportunities with gold.

The number of customers is growing in Malaysia, so we have decided to hold the event there to support them.

The Global Assembly in Rome was just fantastic!

Clients from Mexico looking forward to the start!

Great interviews with great leaders,

and the Vice President's indispensable speech, of course!

Lots of excitement in the room!

and nice walks around the city.

All roads lead to Rome, and one of them has led me and my friends to the Eternal City, where the Global Assembly arranged by Global InterGold takes place. This is a huge event full of positive emotions and excitement. I want to thank the company’s management, the organizers, and the entire Global InterGold company for holding such large-scale events”

Dmitry Paramonov, Russia

Would you miss this opportunity out?

Register for the Global Assembly 2017 right now! 

Publication date: 2016-12-07 07:00