Distinguished guests from 16 countries arrived to Russia to celebrate Christmas and the New Year in a golden atmosphere with Global InterGold!
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Distinguished guests from 16 countries arrived to Russia to celebrate Christmas and the New Year in a golden atmosphere with Global InterGold!
Global InterGold

Global Christmas 2015 was a vibrant celebration of the year's achievements in world-class hotels!

Global Christmas 2015 put the finishing touch of the year for Global InterGold clients. The event took place on December 12 in the cultural capital of Russia, and consisted of two parts:

- The international Global Christmas Convention 2015 held in the 5-star Astoria hotel;

- The delightful Global Christmas Ball 2015 held in the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel.

The event was so fascinating that it piqued the interest of the hotels' staff and guests!

Every detail of the event was impeccably organized, setting a very high benchmark for the following events. During the convention, the guests obtained information about the results of the year and goals for 2016, thereby strengthening ties of mutual trust between the company and the clients and the idea that the company is focused on clients.

Global InterGold reviews from clients at the conference in the Astoria hotel!

“I am proud of those who came here. I am proud of our company and our product” this is how started the opening speech by Julia Beikina, the main and very talented organizer of this high-class event, with tailored applause.

The Global Leaders Oleg Ulyanov, Ostap Pechenyi and Antonio Manuel Buendia delivered addresses regarding the reliability and stability of gold and this business. The success stories and motivational tips meant an excellent source of inspiration for the audience.

Their magnificent finale message was:

“Dear friends, fight for your future!”

Motivation and love for gold are essential for a successful business development

As tradition dictates, the President of the Company and the Director of Development Gyorgy Fuzesi were invited to the stage and pronounced sublime speeches of success, motivation, opportunities, leadership and one of the main requirements to succeed: understand the product and its value.

Clients have an ever greater trust

in Global InterGold product and opportunities

“Yes!” exclaimed the audience with one accord after the President asked “Do you like gold?”. The guests have more confidence in the high value, attractiveness, stability and uniqueness of the product – a point of view shared by more than 1 400 000 customers of the Online Gold Shop, the milestone achievement of the year!

At the close of his speech, the President shared a simple, yet valuable tip “Find that what truly motivates you. The key in this business is to take action!

The Global Christmas Ball 2015 celebrated at Four Seasons Hotel, one of the best in Russia, included the performance of more than 20 great artists!

Refined ladies dressed in ball gowns, elegant gentlemen in suit jackets and other guests dressed in traditional costumes were greeted by a lobby decorated for the occasion with a stairway leading to the magnificent Ball Room.

Prior to the opening of the Global Christmas Ball, the attendants were invited to taste some of the most exquisite plates of the Russian cuisine: delicious snacks, exotic drinks poured from an icy samovar, a typical Russian tea urn, and a delicacy of Russian haute cuisin: red caviar!

The varied programme of the Christmas Ball began with the performances of dancers in bizarre and vibrant dresses, jokes of the presenter, and the opening address by the management and the main organizer.

The highlight of the soiree was the traditional costume contest in which the main prizes were genuine gold bars!

Several guests made their bow on stage presenting their traditional costumes, telling the story and main details of their outfit which, curiously, included golden items. The contestants were proud to relate the use of gold in their cultures with their gold business!

Soon you will be able to admire the photos and videos of this contest and find out who won!

The number of people who wished to attend the event was larger than the number of tickets available!

Customers want to live in the moment to make good money, travel, and enjoy every moment seizing the opportunities of Global InterGold.

«We are ready to embark with you on a journey called “success”!», Gyorgy Fuzesy, the Director of Development said to thunderous applause.

The customers received priceless motivation and GIG branded promotional materials including catalogues, booklets, pens and badges. Apart from the photos and videos they had the chance to record during the event.

The attendees realised the importance of receiving first-hand information, having a good motivation, speaking in videos sharing their ideas and appearing in the official photos – everything is helpful in order to develop and promote the business among potential clients.

A timeless product and customer confidence make this business reliable and stable

This event once again showed the business potential, the high level of events organization, the increasing value of the Global InterGold product and the growing opportunities for customers around the world!

During the event, the management made notable announcements encouraging the expansion of the company and the growth of Global InterGold clients' income

They stated that among the engines of clients' motivation were the new Leaders Awards and the Grand Winter Voyage 2016 Competition!

The most valuable tip from the management and the top leaders is always to take action and move forward!

Start your year as greatly as the participants of the Global Christmas 2015!

Make your dreams come true in 2016!

Get more details about the Leaders Awards for the most persistent customers:


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Published: 17.12.2015
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