Global Convention 2015 Italy: Global InterGold clients' reviews about the business of the 21st Century!
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Global Convention 2015 Italy: Global InterGold clients' reviews about the business of the 21st Century!
Global InterGold

The Global Convention Italy was held in one of the newest congress centers of Florence, Auditorium al Duomo

About 250 business people from Mexico, Spain, France and different cities of Italy gathered in one of the largest conference halls of Auditorium al Duomo located in the capital ofTuscany, and – as the region would flourish culturally during the Renaissance, the attendants met to know more about the company for their international business to flourish!

A 21st Century business idea for Italians and people worldwide: gold business

The meaning of gold in the economy of countries, people and the world in general is acquiring an increasing global significance. Florence reached its heyday in the 14th Century when it became Europe's cultural and financial center. On November 28-29 the capital of Tuscany hosted this event on business that is reaching its heyday today: the business with the Global InterGold product.

In keeping with traidition, the event program included speeches by the management company and seminars by some leaders. One of the most remarkable seminars was delivered by Ivan Bianco who highlighted the stability of the business comparing it to a car service in order to prove how easy it is to develop this gold business and achieve financial stability.

Global InterGold clients' reviews about the conference, business and their prosperous future!

At the event the clients shared their impressions and reviews about the gold business, emphasizing advantages such as internationality, stability, reliability, and a promising outlook:

“We are here in Florence. Finally we have an event in Italy, because this company, this incredible online gold shop operates worldwide.”

“An incredible experience, a great emotion. The first event in Italy!”

“Something beautiful: art, gold and Global InterGold. What else can I ask from my life?” 

The Global InterGold clients who attended the conference said that Florence glittered like gold during the days of the event. The clients from Italy see their future through golden-coloured spectacles: “Children are our golden future and gold makes a good future for our children” was heard in the Global InterGold reviews.

After the Global Convention 2015, the participants returned home to develop their business with more energy, motivation and ready to put into practice new knowledge and skills!

Have you already watched the first videos published by Online Gold Shop clients? New photos and videos from the Italian conference are waiting for you!

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Published: 11.12.2015
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