Global Convention 2015 Munich: a new stage of the new gold era!
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Global Convention 2015 Munich: a new stage of the new gold era!
Global InterGold

400 clients from 37 countries took their seats in the conference hall and waited eagerly for the announcement of the company results and news!

On November 7 400 clients from 5 continents came together under the roof of the Ramada Hotel & Conference Center to celebrate the event that would trigger their motivation to work even more professionally.

The majority of the attendees traveled thousands of kilometers to become part of the gold history. “If you are here today, it is not a mere coincidence. Each of you has made a great effort to be here today and make this business GLOBAL!” claimed Global iGold CEO.

Everyone in the audience agreed. The countries of origin of the attendees are:

1. Luxembourg              
2. Cyprus               
3. Puerto Rico
4. Colombia
5. South Korea
6. Latvia
7. Greece
8. Andorra
9. The Netherlands
10. Kuwait
11. Slovenia
12. Portugal

13. Australia
14. Bahrain
15. Saudi Arabia
16. Finland
17. Ireland
18. Israel
19. The Russian Federation
20. Germany
21. Malaysia
22. Japan
23. Belgium
24. Lithuania

25. Switzerland
26. Spain
27. France
28. The United Arab Emirates
29. Estonia
30. Norway
31. Sweden
32. The United Kingdom
33. The Philippines
34. Poland
35. Italy
36. Mexico
37. Canada

The Global Convention 2015 was simultaneously interpreted into 4 languages

Understanding is essential at international events. The Global Convention 2015 organizers concerned to offer the interpretation of the event speeches in the languages spoken by the majority of the assistants: English, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Polish.

Throughout the year the number of Global InterGold clients has doubled!

The company management informed about the most important achievements including the sharp jump in the number of customers and experts working in service of the customers worldwide.

More specifically, the number of clients exceeded 1 million clients this year and the figure has been growing ever since. The teams of experts that have increased involve several departments:

  • Customer Support Service;

  • IT Department;

  • Marketing Department;

  • Media Department;

  • Legal Department;

Departments work side by side to promote the expansion of business in different regions. Regarding this topic, the management revealed that processes to register Global InterGold in different regions are underway! Being the first one in Mexico City!

The company will not stop there. According to the management, the main goal is to reach 2 500 000 clients for the next Global Convention!

The new Leaders Awards thrilled the audience!

Gold bars in elegant Global InterGold branded packings and the exclusive Leaders Watches can't be bought – they are not for sale! These extraordinary awards are solely granted to those who outstand for their leadership talents and results.

During the Awarding Ceremony more than 100 clients received their awards! That's another proof that this business is carried out by purposeful people who help and support their teams; people who care about the future and wellbeing of their families.

GLOBAL” is our big brand word that reflects the company plans to take this business global!

This “GLOBAL” concept of the company work aims for a better development, new opportunities and new regions – a GLOBAL level and the beginning of a new global and golden era.

The Global Convention 2015 stars a new year for the clients worldwide who share the company plans and are ready to conquer new peaks of the gold career. This event is the reference point, the start of new ideas and plans, and the moment to set higher goals.

In order to promote the business, achieve even greater goals and multiply your income, you have to take action today!

It is essential to lay a strong foundation for your future welfare this year, meet together and be proud of your achievements. Now it is the right moment to show your persistence and willpower and prepare for next year already from the event of November 7 at The Ramada Hotel & Conference Center Munich, Germany!

Act today and start your future!

Gold is the real money.

Your fate is in your hands. Let your dreams come true with Global InterGold.


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Published: 11.11.2015
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