GLOBAL CONVENTION 2018: achieve high results in business!
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GLOBAL CONVENTION 2018: achieve high results in business!
Global InterGold


GLOBAL CONVENTION 2018: "FINANCIAL SECURITY: YOUR NEW PATHWAY — THE PATHWAY FROM STRESS TO CONFIDENCE" is a large-scale event of the year that will be held in Munich on November 2-4, 2018.

This is a conference of clients, partners and friends of Global InterGold, during which we will share our experience and knowledge aimed at achieving Financial Security.

Financial Security gives a person a sense of security in which no economic dangers and threats can cause material damage.


During the GLOBAL CONVENTION 2018 event we will answer important questions:

  • How to achieve success and independence?

  • What steps must be taken to improve financial effectiveness?

  • How to build a foundation for personal Financial Security?

  • What are the "pitfalls" in the achievement of Financial Security and how to overcome them?

  • How to become a leader and be among successful people?

  • What are Global InterGold's plans for the future, and what important steps does the company take today?

Global InterGold cares about the well-being of its clients. We understand how important it is to create a reliable protection for personal savings amidst an unstable economy, to boost people’s confidence of tomorrow's day.

GLOBAL CONVENTION 2018 goals and objectives:

  • Provide real help to clients and partners of the company in achieving Financial Security

  • To significantly improve their quality of life

  • Teach people how to preserve and accumulate their savings

  • Provide relief from anxiety and worries

  • To direct towards the path of self-improvement.


GLOBAL CONVENTION 2018: "FINANCIAL SECURITY: YOUR NEW PATHWAY — THE PATHWAY FROM STRESS TO CONFIDENCE" is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, learn about their achievements and victories, the company's plans and undergo professional training led by the President of Global InterGold, make a breakthrough in business development and increase personal income.

You will get an accurate instruction:

how to preserve and accumulate your capital.


GLOBAL CONVENTION 2018 — smart and effective solutions for everyone!

This is a reliable platform for the creation of leaders: an excellent start for those who began developing their own business, and a powerful motivator for already successful entrepreneurs.


This year’s main event, that can change your life, will be held soon!

We are waiting for you at the GLOBAL CONVENTION 2018! 

Do not miss this important event!




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Published: 09.07.2018
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If I buy ticket what about visa..
Aug 01
Lay Gonzalez javier
Lay Gonzalez javier
Necesito informacion. Me intereso
Jul 30
Alė Viktorija
Alė Viktorija
Zdrastvuite, Dobry den, Ja uže kupila biliet v Miunchen na konferenciju i s neterpeniem ždu dalneišix ukazanii.Na dniax spešu zapolnit vse danye, mečtaju bit počėtnym gosttem konferencii. Ja pročitala pro prgramu FRAKTAL uže podpisala kontrakt.choroševo Vam dnia. S uvaženijem, Alė Viktorija
Jul 12
Cuanto me vale la ida y vuelta?
Jul 11
Lucila Ruiz Rivero
Lucila Ruiz Rivero
Muchas gracias
Jul 09
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