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Traditionally, every November, Global InterGold clients from all over the world come to the Bavarian capital.

This year, the conference in Munich was held on November 2-4 at the Westin Grand Hotel, attended by both experienced entrepreneurs who run a profitable gold business and newcomers just learning the basics of Financial Security.

The quality of interaction between people is the main principle of Global InterGold.

President of Global InterGold Dmitriy Aksyonov started by saying: 

"I am glad that those who gathered in this hall chose to stick to this principle. You have chosen the most productive and motivating way! You have chosen live interaction! I am sincerely grateful to you for making such a choice, you are the real leaders, you are self-motivated and can motivate others!"

Conference participants are people with different cultural values, traditions and mentality. Global InterGold President Dmitriy Aksyonov noted that all these people, regardless of where they live, are united in their desire to communicate and negotiate among themselves.

Clients from all corners of the world met at the GLOBAL CONVENTION 2018, hugging, socializing and singing songs all tog they were hugging each other, socialized and sang songs in unison.


EVERYONE was looking forward to this great meeting!


One of the core values of Global InterGold is TAKING CARE OF THE QUALITY OF OUR CLIENTS’ LIVES.

"A long time ago, the company decided to invite customer support staff on the company’s official events besides employees who are directly involved in the event’s organization, giving them the opportunity to see their clients, communicate, learn to understand them and their needs better."

President of Global InterGold
Dmitriy Aksyonov

45 company’s representatives: organizers and event planners, representatives of the President’s office, administrative staff, employees of customer support service, marketing, quality assurance, regional offices, analysts and specialists from the IT department were glad to meet the clients.

After the event has ended, incredible atmosphere reigned. Despite the fatigue, all the employees were full of energy and enthusiasm.

We admire our clients!

The company’s President appeal to the clients: 

"You motivate me, you motivate the company! Thank you!"


The program of the conference


The start of the World Council of Leaders!

The company President announced the beginning of the World Council of Leaders work followed by a round of applause.

  • What is the World Council of Leaders?

  • Why we need the World Council of Leaders?

  • How to become a member of the World Council of Leaders?

  • What privileges await its members?

All the information regarding the date of the first meeting of the World Council of Leaders will be available in due course.


Presentation of the Leader’s Code!

During the conference, a great emphasis was placed on the topic of leadership and its development. Being one of the key tools for the company’s Leaders, the Leader’s Code has been presented to the participants of the conference. The Leader’s Code is a handbook that answers the questions on how to act in difficult situations.

The Leader’s Code is the shortest route to the World Council of Leaders.

The collected and analyzed experience of thousands of company’s clients serves as a guiding star for both experienced Leaders and those who are just on the threshold of becoming a Leader.


Global InterGold know-how!

We have a dream, and our goal embodies this dream quite well:


Know-how is a precise sequence of actions, steps to achieve the goal — Financial Security.

Speaking of Base Technology of Success, President Dmitriy Aksyonov has noted: 

"By applying knowledge and know-how of Global InterGold you won’t learn how to walk, talk or breathe, but you will be able to learn how to achieve a state of Financial Security for yourself and your families. It can be made complex and rather confusing, but our know-how is really simple."


The Presidential Support Program has been launched!

First of all, this is a program of HELP for our clients!

President of Global InterGold addressed the conference participants: 

"There are situations when an ordinary person has all the elements of success, but something stops this person from succeeding. It might be fear, lack of self-confidence, inability to use available tools.

Motivation for creating the Presidential Support Program was the desire to give our clients a boost that would help them apply Global InterGold tools and achieve success!"


The awarding ceremony

The awarding ceremony is a special part of the event when the company rewards the best of the best, showing respect for clients’ special merits.

The hall exploded with a squall of applause every time nominees came up on the stage to receive an award. Emotions overwhelmed, many people couldn't hold the tears of joy.

The nominees received valuable prizes: gold bars, leadership watches, exclusive travel certificates, the legendary Rolex watches and a special prize from the company President. A stand-alone part of the ceremony was the awarding of medals to the winners in the highest nomination — the "Great Heart 2018".

However, the biggest reward for the nominees became the public recognition and support.



The culmination of the event was a private dinner for VIP-guests, held in the luxurious ISARPOST Eventlocation pavilion. Clients gave acceptance speeches; a special show program has been prepared, guests could talk with the company’s management in an informal setting.


Visiting the office — an open day

The day after the conference ended, the work began in the company’s representative office. In the morning, members of delegations from various countries gathered in the office.

Everyone received additional marketing materials needed for the successful development of business.


More information coming soon!

A lot of things happened! We will tell you about the most important and interesting ones and publish photos and videos from the event on the official website of Global InterGold.


Stay tuned!

Your Global InterGold team!



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Created: 09.11.2018
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The "Honored Guest" competition continues!
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