Global InterGold: a holiday overlooking Saint Petersburg!
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Global InterGold: a holiday overlooking Saint Petersburg!
Global InterGold


The company expresses sincere congratulations to its partners and friends wishing a Happy New Year! We continue to work for the benefit of our clients believing that the year 2019 will also bring success and prosperity!


The exclusive Global InterGold New Year celebration - coming soon!

By the end of next week, on January 11-12, a two-day VIP event will be held in Saint Petersburg to celebrate the start of 2019.

The program includes:

1. A business conference at the premium class Astoria Hotel attended by the President of Global InterGold where the prospects of the gold business and the company's plans for 2019 will be discussed;

2. A grand ball with an exquisite dinner and entertainment program at the five-star Four Seasons Hotel Lion Palace in the city’s historic center.

As part of the event, a closed-door consultation

on the formation of the World Council of Leaders will be held.

Do not miss the grand event!

This is your step towards new victories together with Global InterGold!


Find out more about the upcoming event and ticket purchase on the event’s official page:



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Published: 02.01.2019
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