Global InterGold: New tools and promotional materials to boost your income
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Global InterGold: New tools and promotional materials to boost your income
Global InterGold


Dear client,

We highly appreciate your work, and in order to facilitate it and help you achieve a successful development with higher results, the efforts of the company are currently focused on providing you with everything you need for those purposes.

Both the provision of modern effective tools and qualitative promotional materials, and a high level technical support for our clients allow us to expand our market and achieve the common goals. 
We are constantly developing and improving our Online Gold Shop, updating promotional materials, creating the most favorable conditions for orders placement and work to your liking.

The new “For Promotion” section is at your disposal on the official Global InterGold website, for a better business development and expansion of the customer base.

Please, follow the link and check the promotional materials:

We hope you will use every opportunity offered by our Online Gold Shop. On our part, we will endeavor to do everything to meet your demands and requirements.

We remain your guide in the gold world and wish you and your business many years of prosperity!

Thank you for your cooperation! 

Best regards,

The Global InterGold Online Gold Shop Administration.

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Published: 22.07.2015
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