Global InterGold Online Gold Shop updates to boost your income
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Global InterGold Online Gold Shop updates to boost your income
Global InterGold

Dear clients,

The increasing worldwide demand for our product, physical investment gold bars, and the advancement of technology makes your business stable and reliable. The presentation of the new online platform of the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop was celebrated recently, and since then the customer base has increased substantially on all 5 continents where the Online Gold Shop operates.

We would like to extend our thanks to you for choosing the product and the service of Global InterGold, and for being a part of this new page in the history of the gold business. We want each client to reliably place orders in our Online Gold Shop and develop their business in any corner of the planet.

IT experts, marketing and media studio specialists, and client support service have focused all the efforts on the development of improved promotional materials, efficient and innovative business tools, and a faster physical gold bar orders processing.

Preparations are already underway to arrange the schedule of presentations, conferences and more events for clients worldwide, besides outstanding awards to congratulate clients for their contribution to the development of the gold business, and the achievement of high results.

The Global InterGold Online Gold Shop grows along with its clients and their welfare. Let's keep up with the pace set by the presentation and improve new opportunities and tools for the future!

People, Technology, and Gold are the secret of our success!

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Published: 04.08.2015
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Gerdts Oro
Gerdts Oro
Las herramientas cómo presentaciones completas oficiales deben estar en esta plataforma, y que se puedan bajar...
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