Global InterGold: The more good deeds, the better!
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Global InterGold: The more good deeds, the better!
Global InterGold

The value of the good resides in its deficit. We are getting ready to talk about people who expand the limits of gratitude and light. The highest Global InterGold’s award awaits them: the "Great Heart" medal.

The good knows no boundaries

Good deeds of people deserve gratitude. It can be the expression of sincere feelings in words or actions. But how can you measure gratitude when a person does something nice for you? This feeling is boundless and infinite. And when the good happens, the desire to do something pleasant in turn is born and the good is carried on and on.

Philosophy of the good

You have probably noticed that light and warmth from a good person are felt instantly: no need for a double check. A person with a good heart will support and help you at the right time.

You meet such people, they surround you. Even if you do not see them around all the time, in times of need they will be there for you ready to back you up.

Since ancient times, gratitude goes hand in hand with virtue. The Roman philosopher Seneca once wrote:

“Virtue is its own reward”

And this philosophic idea of the Roman Stoic is true. People who do good deeds and help others do not think about reward. Their path in this life is the path of good. Often people’s actions and intentions remain unnoticed by the society. But we believe that the good should be cherished and live forever.

Hearts of generous people deserve the highest Global InterGold’s award. We want to express our gratitude to these people. Vote for the most deserving candidates!

Great Heart” award

At the Global Convention in Munich, we will conduct the award ceremony and bestow the "Great Heart" medal upon those who make this world a better place. We will honor the people whose torch of light shines bright for their kindness and sincerity.

By giving away this award, we extend the life of priceless hearts so that they never get tired and illuminate the way for other people. Together, we will improve this world.

The “Great Heart” medal: supreme Global InterGold’s award

Global Convention and Global Exhibition 2017 – the more good deeds, the better!

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Published: 02.08.2017
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