Global InterGold's 16 key achievements from 2016
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Global InterGold's 16 key achievements from 2016
Global InterGold

We have gathered a list of the company's best achievements from last year. This is what we all have achieved together. And together, we will keep on setting new goals!


1) It seems that the Global and Grand Leader titles have always been there. But the truth is that the company established them in March! For these titles to be granted, you need to develop the business with commitment, participate in the events, and organize them too. Perform in public more often! And remember that, together with the Global Leader title, you get an 18-carat ROLEX watch too!

2) Technology had to be present among the company's novelties too. The development of GIG's mobile app was only a matter of time: it made the development of the business so much easier! Now, you don't have to limit yourself to a laptop or a tablet. The Online Gold Shop is always at hand!

3) And we couldn't leave behind the company's golden awards! That is why we issued branded pens, cuff-links, and bars during last year.

4) Receiving awards is, of course, very nice, but earning a stable income is even better. In 2016, we developed the GoldSet Global Smart and GoldSet Global Pro orders. These were the first orders in which clients could receive a reward right after the closure of a section. The tremendous success of this development us to applying the same conditions to ALL the orders!

5) The dream of Latin American clients came true: we opened a new representative office in Mexico! But the doors of the office are open for clients from all around the world! Do not hesitate to make an appointment, get your gold bars, or take part in an educative seminar while drinking a nice cup of coffee.

6) The Gold Business Gift Card was the perfect present for Christmas. It helped a lot of people taking the first step towards success!

7) Anything else? Yes! GIG has two new websites: Global Events, including everything you need to know about international events related to the gold business; and Global Reviews, with millions of videos and opinions from our clients. Share them with potential customers!

Competitions & Events

Probably, the first thing that comes to our mind when reading the word “competition” is the Grand Summer Voyage. This is the first competition that encompasses another one.

9) The “1 kg of Gold” competition! Anyone there could win a kilo of gold! And this year, we will repeat the experience!

10) Then, we have a contest that is undoubtedly recognizable: the Global 100 contest. During a year and month after month, clients worked for victory with excitement. The three most successful contestants won gold bars each month, and the yearly winner got a ticket to the Grand Winter Voyage 2017!

11) Devoted to Saint Valentine's Day, the “Gold We Love” contest proved that GIG's clients have rich imagination and an even better taste. Here it is the prize-winning picture, for which the photographer got 5 grams of gold.

12) Speaking about taste, Global InterGold also held the Mister & Miss Global InterGold contest. Follow the example of our winners because their abilities are worth aiming for.

During 2016, we also gave our clients the opportunity to win an Apple iPad with the company's logo with a golden finish. It is stylish, convenient and, most importantly, it includes every GIG material for business promotion: the perfect combination!

14) Let's move on to the events of the company! Among the most important ones, we have the Global Convention & Gold Exhibition 2016. This time, the event took place in Rome, unlike the previous one, which took place in Munich; and it also included a gold exhibition which was mostly devoted to Global InterGold's products.

15) But the most significant event of the year was the Global Assembly 2016. It also took place in the Eternal City, where hundreds of people from all over the world obtained and enjoyed education, the latest news, entertainment shows, delicious meals, etc. This event will always be cherished!

16) Finally, the Global Tour 2016, which visited Asia, Europe, and Latin America. A huge number of attendees, millions of impressions... Because the development of this business is unstoppable, we will continue celebrating more events in 2017!

We can already say that one of them will take place in May; but many more surprises from Global InterGold are about to come! Follow all the updates here!

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Published: 03.01.2017
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