Global InterGold's conference in Cucuta: a new start for Colombia!
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Global InterGold's conference in Cucuta: a new start for Colombia!
Global InterGold

A great and excellent day packed with information and positive energy! Thank you, Global InterGold, because dreams can come true. Let's go for more!”

Eduardo Miraval

On Saturday, 18th February, a highly successful Global InterGold's conference took place in San Jose de Cucuta, Colombia. Why was it a milestone for the country?

A Golden Pearl

The Pearl of the North, or San Jose de Cucuta, is a gorgeous Colombian city which hosted a Global InterGold's conference last weekend.

Over 100 clients from different countries of Latin America gathered at the Hotel Casino Internacional. International guests shared incredible moments and received a boost of motivation!

Venezuelan brothers, we are all warriors!

Monica Casadiego, Venezuela

By clients' initiative

Clients from Colombia organized this high-profile event. Grand Leaders were in attendance to give speeches on how to conduct the business properly and grow both professionally and personally.

We have lived a wonderful experience at the Global InterGold's event in Cúcuta, Colombia. Don't stay in your comfort zone! Get out and learn to challenge your fears. Join our team. Ask us why and we will tell you why to make the best choice to start a business.

Hernan Darío Mendez Caravajal

A safe, legal, and profitable business

Recently, the Global InterGold company established an agreement with a local company in the Republic of Colombia. More information.

This represents a great opportunity for every Colombian to run a stable, safe, and profitable business and enjoy a high standard of living.

Life is measured by the moments that you enjoy.”

Lic Luddy Villalba

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Published: 21.02.2017
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