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Global InterGold’s office in Geneva is officially open!

We all have been looking forward to this event, and here we are!

One of the most significant moments in the history of Global InterGold!

May 18th. A very important date for Global InterGold’s management, clients and leaders. They all celebrate the opening of the company's new office in Geneva!

Key in the history of Global InterGold!

Spacious premises including conference halls and the splendid Gold Show Room, where all our products are displayed. But these are just a few examples of all what the new office offers!

That is what our most committed and loyal clients have declared after having the privilege to witness the inauguration ceremony.

They have visited the office accompanied by the company's management, listened to the inspiring speech of the Director of Development, and recorded interviews sharing their experience and emotions.

The high-point of the ceremony was the cutting of the golden ribbon: everybody participated and took a piece of it!

The guests vibrated with happiness in the place: another proof of Global InterGold's great progress.

More details, pictures and videos will be available soon here! 

Publication date: 2017-05-19 16:10