Global Tour 2016: a second look at the Global InterGold conference “Scartet Sails” in St. Petersburg

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Worldwide customers under the same roof

Russia was one of the first and largest countries in starting to develop the gold business successfully. Every year, businessmen from all over the world visit Russia to find out the latest Global InterGold's news and plans.

This time, the event in St. Petersburg on 25th and 26th June gathered guests from Russia, Spain, Japan, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Armenia.

The opening speech delivered by Gyorgy Fuzesi was followed by some addresses of Global InterGold leaders.

Every path to success is unique

The first speaker to take the floor was Mikhail Ukvasov, who spoke about the relation between learning and reaching success. Mr. Ukvasov claimed that learning should be an ambition since it is the foundation of success. To back up his words and share his knowledge with the public, he delivered a lecture full of illustrative examples on different economic aspects and types of capital. The explanation of the principles of the Leadership program was the core of the leader’s speech.

Among the customers delivering addresses was Marina Valyka, a leader of the company who spoke about her beginnings when she started gold business after decades of dedication to the field of medicine.

The audience warmly welcomed Ken Akahori too, a Global InterGold leader from Japan who had already been in Russia several times before. Mr. Akahori delivered a speech also and shared his inspiring story of success with the help of a personal interpreter.

All the leaders agreed on the fact that gold is the most suitable asset to save money.

Do you want to persuade? Then you must be convinced

The program of the event offered next a Leaders Award Ceremony. Leaders were invited to the stage to receive valuable awards at the thunderous applause of the audience.

Gevork Dzhlavyan, a Global 100 winner and participant of the Grand Summer Voyage 2016, was paid special attention. He gave an impressive speech about his path to success and uttered a very interesting idea: “In order to persuade a person, you have to believe in what you are saying and experience everything you recommend yourself.”

Incredible closing of the Global Tour 2016 conference in St. Petersburg

The end of the conference was crowned by an exquisite buffet for the guests and the live performance of a folk band.

The following day, the attendees went to Palace Square, where they recorded videos and shared their views on the event. The culmination of the second day was a fantastic feast on board the «River Lounge» accompanied by a saxophonist and mesmerizing belly dancers.

The next Global Tour 2016 conference is going to take place very soon. Global InterGold's clients are already welcome to purchase tickets for this conference to be held in Barcelona on August 20th. We are looking forward to seeing you in Barcelona!




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Created: 08.08.2016
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