Global Tour 2016 in Barcelona: Accelerating your business income has never been easier!
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Global Tour 2016 in Barcelona: Accelerating your business income has never been easier!
Global InterGold

Good news from Barcelona this summer! The Global Tour 2016 event has enjoyed a huge success among Global InterGold clients.

The 5-stars Grand Marina Hotel welcomed clients from different countries seeking to establish business contacts, get to know the latest novelties of the company and, as usual, have a great time together!

The company's management presents the novelties: earn MORE money FASTER!

Firstly, the company's management went on stage to share the latest novelties and introduce new tools; and consequently, to start a new chapter of our success story:

New options

The GoldSet Global Pro order includes now a new option for our blooming market. After completing a section, you can start another table with your team within the same section! Get all the details here.

Faster rewards

You no longer need to wait until the full completion of the table to get rewards! Why?

Given the extraordinary popularity of the new GoldSet Global orders, the company has decided to apply the same conditions to the rest of the GoldSet programs. You can get rewards after completing each section. More information here.

Global Events: develop your business worldwide

Inviting people to your events or webinars is time-consuming? Let us do it for you! Check out the new website called 'Global Events' and promote your events globally! Add your events in the website, spread the word about them, and develop your business in different regions!


Ostap Pechenyi and Oleg Ulyanov took the floor afterwards to reveal the secrets of their success and how they reached the top of the gold business. The audience burst into applause and took good note of every tip!


"Never look at other people's job or results. Focus on what you do, and direct all your actions to achieving your goals!"

Global Leader Ostap Pechenyi

"Your team is like your family. Relationships matter as much and they ought to be built upon respect."

Global Leader Oleg Ulyanov



The Global Tour 2016 event in Barcelona had 3 very special Awarding Ceremonies. Almost every attendee went on stage to get a prize and shake hands with the Director and the Vice-president! Which awards were given?

  • Global InterGold Leaders Watches;

  • Gold bars of 100 grams, 50 grams and 1 ounce for winners of the Global 100 contest from February til July;

  • Exclusive diplomas for the winners of the Grand Summer Voyage 2016;

  • And the first Global Pads, Apple iPads mini Gold!


"It was incredible! The first Apple iPads from the company at this very special event. Thank you so so much!"

Niels P. winner of a Global Pad

"I believed in myself and in the company and got all this gold! You can do so too! Just believe in yourselves"

Gevork D. several-times winner of Global 100


There was no better way to end this incredibly successful event than by a typical Spanish party in the 5-Stars Grand Marina Hotel.

Success was in the air at this celebration!

Dressed in their best white suits, the attendees arrived and found a festive atmosphere full of rumba rhythms, dances, tasty snacks, and champagne.

Will you miss the next event? Register for the Global Convention 2016 in Rome now!

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Published: 26.08.2016
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