Global Tour 2017: First Conference about How to Make Money with Gold in Thailand
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Global Tour 2017: First Conference about How to Make Money with Gold in Thailand
Global InterGold

A world of new business possibilities opens up in the Asian continent with the Global Tour 2017:

Thailand will host an international leaders' conference on January 28th – 29th.

Discover your vocation in Global InterGold's Global Tour 2017

The Global Tour 2017 will be a series of international conferences about business and the earning possibilities of gold.

The attendees, be them experienced entrepreneurs or ordinary people, will find in these events an opportunity to get acquainted with useful information on how to build a business and earn money with gold.

Who can't miss this event?

  • Clients wanting to reach a strong success in 2017

  • People aspiring to run a stable business and earn money with gold

In 2 years, I have seen success and I have also seen failure. But you know what? Since we had our conference in Malaysia in 2016, I have seen the professionalism and the seriousness of Global InterGold and also our of international leaders.”

Haslam Zainuddin, Malaysia

Why to attend the Global Tour 2017 event in Thailand?

The business conference in Thailand will feature a rich program:

  • Global InterGold's management: speeches about the latest news about the business;

  • Top international leaders: motivational speeches and success stories;

  • Promotional materials: you will get a pack of GIG-branded materials to improve your business development;

  • Global InterGold TV: you can take photos and record interviews to make yourself known to potential clients!

  • Leaders Award Ceremony: get your well-deserved awards!


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Start 2017 in the company of successful people and get ready for global changes!

Keep up with the latest news on the official Global InterGold social networks for more information!

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