Global Tour 2017: first official Global InterGold's conference in the Philippines
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Global Tour 2017: first official Global InterGold's conference in the Philippines
Global InterGold

Leaders on top of the world!

Clients from all over the world had a warm welcome courtesy of local leaders, that showed the typical Philippine hospitality and made each attendee feel at home.

Professional business coaches

High-profile speakers, including Global and Grand Leaders, shared their business expertise and knowledge with the audience.

Everyone was excited to know everything about leadership, how to run a barrier-free business, and how to control your life and business.

Award-winning clients

The clients who showed great dedication and commitment were called to climb on stage by the management. They were walking on air! One by one, they were congratulated and collected extraordinary Leaders Awards.

Excellent news for the Philippines!

Everybody looked forward to the speech of the Director of Development! The great news had a tremendous response from every attendee.

Global InterGold has made it a top priority to upgrade its services in the Philippines, and therefore it is making the business even more straightforward and transparent. More information here.

Words of gratitude

A leader from the Philippines, Janice Khanlou received a very special Leaders Award: a golden pendant of the 10th Leadership level!

This award brought her tears of happiness as she spoke on behalf of the clients to express her gratitude towards the company.

VIP Beach Party

At the end of the event, everybody celebrated their success in an exclusive party at the beach. Without any doubt, this has been one of the most glamorous conferences!

What will happen now in the Philippines?

Now that Global InterGold offers an improved support, the Philippines is more than ready to show a rapid growth!

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Published: 14.02.2017
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Соколова Галина
Соколова Галина
Jan 30
Felicitaciones, por esos logros. Saludos desde Pucallpa, Peru Sudamerica
May 21