Global Tour 2017: Gold Business Presentation in Indonesia
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Global Tour 2017: Gold Business Presentation in Indonesia
Global InterGold

First stop of the Global Tour 2017: Indonesia

The Global Tour 2017 will arrive in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, on 21st and 22nd January, 2017.

Over 400 people from Malaysia, Brunei, South Korea, Japan, The Philippines, Australia and other countries will gather at the luxurious Sheraton Grand Jakarta 5-star hotel to learn how to earn money with gold and run a stable business.

Why does Global InterGold go to Asia?

Asia has shown incredible results in the gold business development. Therefore, the Global InterGold company wants to share all the novelties and plans for an even more productive job for the next decade!

Why to attend the Global Tour 2017 event in Indonesia

The business conference in Jakarta will feature a varied program:

  • Global InterGold's management: speeches about the news, plans and novelties for 2017

  • Global and Grand Leaders: will teach successful business techniques and give advice on to increase profit and run the business worldwide

  • GIG-branded materials: to improve your business development

  • Photos & Videos: make yourself a name in Global InterGold's world by taking photos and recording videos with the company's professional camera crew!

  • Leaders Award Ceremony: the management will personally grant you awards

  • The best Indonesian cuisine: taste exclusive dishes during the breaks!


There are limited tickets, so hurry up and buy yours now!


Start the new year successfully with Global InterGold in Indonesia!

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