Gold business - Gold career!
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Gold business - Gold career!
Global InterGold

Would you like your contribution to the business to be even more acknowledged? Do you feel that your team and other customers should follow your example to reach success? Do you want the business to provide you with not only professional, but also personal growth?

If your answers have been “yes”, then you have the potential to be a leader!

Leadership has many advantages.

Firstly, it implies a quick career advancement for those who look for progress. The experience of our customers has proven that it is possible to become a leader in a matter of a few months after starting the business. You just need to want it!

Secondly, leadership is highly valued.


“We get paid for our work with gold, not with just shredded paper”

Anna Anukhina, Russia


From gold badges to gold bars or luxury watches, extra income and a wide range of valuable awards are waiting for leaders.

Leadership is also the chance to rediscover your abilities. By means of training and working with people worldwide, you will grow both professionally and personally!


“Since I started in this business, my life has changed. I have learned not only how to conduct my own business, but I have also grown as a person”

Stephanie Dangan, the Philippines


We, the Global InterGold's team, want all of you to believe in yourselves. You can achieve much more than you think! This is your chance if you are not afraid of success!

Global InterGold.

Gold business – Gold career!


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Published: 05.01.2017
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Stevanus Raharjo
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