Gold Dares You… #10YearsChallenge
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Gold Dares You… #10YearsChallenge
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Have you heard of the viral contest on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where the #10YearsChallenge is now trending?

Today, this trend dominates social feeds and global media outlets. Celebrities, well-known athletes, bloggers are actively picking up the trend, showing how they have changed over the past ten years.

Active social media users gladly share personal photos from ten years ago.


The secret of the #10YearsChallenge popularity

The world does not stand still, changes occur in the lives of both ordinary people and Hollywood stars. As a rule, such transformations are for the better. Therefore, many celebrities, like Conor Anthony McGregor, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon accepted the challenge, showing all their fans that they haven’t aged at all, but on the contrary, got even more attractive.

In order to participate in the flash mob, two photos with hashtags #10YearsChallenge, #HowHardDidAgingHitYou or #GlowUp should be posted. The photos must clearly show how your looks have changed: you in 2009 vs you in 2019. The main message – experience love for yourself and get over the fear of aging.


Gold #10YearsChallenge

Let's see how the noble metal has changed over the past ten years.

Over a decade, the price of a kilogram of gold increased, reaching $14,213.

The price increase is an indicator that gold helps you preserve and accumulate capital.

For example, in 2009 you bought a kilogram of gold. In 2019 you decided to sell it! It turns out that you profit on it! Simple calculations show that now you can afford more than ever before!

What can you do if you have 1 kg of gold?

  • For $45000 you can spend at least ten wonderful years in a cosy and comfortable house in Bali.

  • You can book 15 trips for two for ten days, traveling across different parts of the world!

  • Allow yourself or your children to study for a whole year at a private non-profit university and cover tuition fees, housing and food costs.

  • You can buy 37 21,5-inch Apple iMacs.

The list goes on and on ...

The price of gold is constantly increasing! In 2019, an ounce of gold is already worth $1,284.


Gold company

We are convinced that GOLD is the best asset for preserving and accumulating capital. We do our best to help ordinary people unleash potential of gold, learn how to preserve and accumulate their capital. Gold serves as a reliable protection against financial turmoil and a fulcrum for strengthening financial security.

There are those who trade gold;

There are those who just try to make money;

There are those who try managing finances.

While we actually specialize in Financial Security!

Gold is the foundation of Financial Security!


That’s why two million clients around the world follow our path.

Global InterGold has been working on the international market for many years. Our business is constantly developing, and we plan to expand the boundaries of the gold market in 2019.


Information about the company


Even the most conventional #10YearsChallenge flash mob demonstrates the high value and advantages of gold.

Did you take part in the flash mob?


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Published: 24.01.2019
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Karelys Garcia
Karelys Garcia
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Золото надёжный , без рисковый актив ,что бы сохранить деньги, защитить их от финансовых кризисов и приумножить свои накопления. Это не оспоримый факт !
Jan 25
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Maiga zile
Lai viss izdodas!
Jan 25
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Luis Villacis
Gracias por mantenerme informado
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Alok Banerjee
Incomparable business, everyone should be done to be a millionaire, most easiest and safe way.
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