GOLD NEWS COMPILATION – This week's been crazy!
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GOLD NEWS COMPILATION – This week's been crazy!
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We have gathered this week's most striking news from the world of gold! From a young girl's talent, to beauty treatments or historical discoveries...

Everything can happen if gold is involved!

24-karat magic on your face

Beauty treatments can be incredibly expensive, but the clients of the company Dr. Hauschka Spa in Montreal, Canada, say it's worth paying $250 if the treatment includes gold. Why? Because it does magic on your skin!

Now, this beauty center offers its most luxurious treatment: a 24-karat gold facial mask! Would you like to try it out?

A golden staircase was not enough

Remember Priyageetha Dia, the art student from Singapore who paved a staircase with gold foil?

Now, she is gold-foiling 50 limited copies of her book “A Public Square”, where she reveals more details about the creation of the golden staircase and speaks about the nature of public art and public spaces in Singapore.

The limited copies of “A Public Square” will be distributed by Singapore's first independent contemporary arts center: The Substation, founded in 1990.

2,000-year-old Roman gold coin found at Lincolnshire

Archaeologists have found a 2,000-year-old Roman gold coin dating from AD69 at Lincolnshire (UK). Experts say that they are used to finding coins from the Roman period in that location. In fact, they regularly come across copper coins, which were used to pay legionaries their salaries.

But a gold coin changes the whole story: the finding confirms that there was an upmarket residence nearby because the gold coin has been found alongside a river, where upper class citizens used to have calm walks.

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Published: 22.06.2017
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