Gold prices are ready to escalate!
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Gold prices are ready to escalate!
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Gold prices may soon surpass the highest peaks of 2017 reached so far, against the backdrop of negative exchange rates!

Do you want to know why? Read on and find out!

Experts’ opinion

Experts at the Dutch bank ABN Amro Group have declared that: "Gold is in demand among investors as a tool for hedging financial risks while the world market lacks certainty."

They have noted that, despite minor pauses, gold prices have been rising since the middle of March, increasing by 4.7%.

So far this year, the maximum gold price is $1,264 per ounce. However, this milestone may be soon surpassed. Economists have predicted that gold prices could grow by 10-12% more to reach $ 1,265-1,270 per ounce within the next couple of weeks.

What drives gold prices higher?

The weakness of the US dollar is supported by experts' doubts about the prospects of Trump's policy. The latest issue about the Obamacare increased uncertainty.

The current situation in Europe is uneasy too: though the previous ruling party won the parliamentary elections in The Netherlands, three other parties joined in it a coalition. Meanwhile, France and Germany expect their respective elections this year.

Investors and ordinary people opt for safe-haven assets

Major world currencies are under pressure, and experts' forecasts for them are rather gloomy. In such difficult times, people take refuge in gold: an asset that helps to survive crises and preserve one’s savings.

Buy gold now and provide yourself and your family with financial stability!


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Published: 29.03.2017
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