Golden income in Global 100. Win gold bars every month!
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Golden income in Global 100. Win gold bars every month!
Global InterGold

Global 100 is your chance to win gold bars!

The Global 100 contest is a unique opportunity for every Global InterGold customer to win 1 ounce, 50 grams and 100 grams gold bars, besides the unique chance to become the Customer of the Month and get the «Gold Businessman» title.

At the end of the year the most efficient customer will be awarded with the grand prize: a ticket to the Grand Winter Voyage 2017!

Main terms and conditions of the contest:

  • Each contest round goes from the first to the last day of each month
  • The monthly nomination has 3 winners

  • The yearly nomination has 1 winner

  • The announcement of monthly winners is in the middle of the month (15th of every month)

  • To win the contest you need to have the largest number of direct invitees

  • Your invited customers must pass the verification process

  • Customers who win have to record and submit a video sharing their success stories within 7 days after the announcement of the winners

    Learn more about the contest rules on the official website.

Awards for the contest winners

1st place:

100 g gold bar*

2nd place:

50 g gold bar

3rd place:

1 ounce gold bar

*GoldSet customers who win the first place two consecutive months will receive a special bonus: an additional 100 g gold bar!

Award for the winner of the year 2016:

Ticket to the Grand Winter Voyage 2017 together with the company's management and the winners of the Grand Winter Voyage Competition.


Successful start of the Global 100 contest: the winners in February

The Global 100 contest started on 1st February and the three most successful participants took the lead by the end of the month.

The third place and a 1 ounce gold bar goes to:

Angel Corral Escarcega.

The second place and a 50 g gold bar belongs to:

Annelie Farrugia.

The first-place winner with the title «Gold Businessman» and owner of a 100 gr gold bar is:

Alvin Villarin Caisido!


Second round of the Global 100 contest: March heroes

The third place and a well-deserved 1 ounce gold bar goes to:

Mario Perino!

The second-place winner to get a 50 g gold bar is one of the previous round winners:

Alvin Villarin Caisido.

And the first place is taken by:

Gevork Dzhlavyan


April Global 100 round: get to know the names of the winners!

1 ounce of gold is the prize for the third place winner:

Hanna Melana

The second-place winner who obtains 50 g of gold is:

Janice Del Mundo Gonzales

The first place and a 100-grams gold bar goes to:

Gevork Dzhlavyan


The 4th Global 100 round: who won the contest in May?

A proud owner of 1 ounce of gold is the third-place winner:

Piotr Jerzy Chajkowski

50 grams of gold and the second place belong to:

Gevork Dzhlavyan

And the May's “Gold Businessman” and owner of a 100 g gold bar is

Piotr Tomasz Tymochowicz

A 100 g gold bar and the «Gold Businessman» status are bestowed upon this outstanding gold businessman!

The company's management thanks the participants and congratulates the winners!

The first winners of the Global 100 contest were granted their prizes at the Global Assembly 2016.


Participate in the new contest rounds!

We hope to see your name in the list of the winners!

The winners of the next period of the Global 100 will be known soon.

Follow the updates!

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Published: 14.05.2016
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