GoldSet Global Pro – professional income!
1g. 34.05 EUR
1oz. 1059.00 EUR
Price in EUR per kg
Gold Fixing

GoldSet Global Pro – professional income!

GoldSet Global Pro – vast opportunities, high income...

…and even more!

GoldSet Global Pro is the best order!”

Sandro Alabano, Italy


  • Prepayment: 450 EUR.

  • Reward per section: 1275 EUR (three sections in total)

  • The option of starting a new table and being independent from a sponsor


Clients are grateful for everything the company offers them:

"Global InterGold gave me the opportunity I've been waiting for all these years: the opportunity to achieve financial freedom, to have free time, travel around the world, help other people and get to know new cultures and countries. This is an amazing opportunity. Thank you, Global InterGold!"

Antonio Miguel, France


Make use of GoldSet Gold Pro's advantages right now:



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Publication date: 2016-11-30 09:31