GoldSet Global Smart: more than just remuneration
1g. 42.48 EUR
1oz. 1321.00 EUR
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GoldSet Global Smart: more than just remuneration
Global InterGold

 “I would recommend GoldSet Global Smart; the prepayment is only 275 euros. You can make a profit without waiting for the full completion of the table”

Dmitry O., Russia

Why else is it worth placing a GoldSet Global Smart order?

This order is very special for the company since it offers gold bars of 999.9 purity with Global InterGold’s logo.

Why is this important?

The release of GIG-branded products was a major step for the company. Have a look at the manufacturing process of gold bars:

When Gyorgy Fuzesi, the Director of Development, announced the new orders launch at the Global Assembly 2016, the audience burst into applause. GoldSet Global Smart was one of the first orders to be divided into sections, which opened up the opportunity to earn income before completing the full table.

Gold bars are the basis of the company’s business and your well-being. Let them always be with you!


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Published: 19.12.2016
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