GoldSet Global Smart: Updated to be faster and simpler!
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1oz. 1087.00 EUR
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GoldSet Global Smart: Updated to be faster and simpler!

The GoldSet Global Smart order has reached a new level of speed and profitability. We have added a new option that will propel your business!

Don't wait for the full completion of a table! Start a new table after closing a section!

You just have to select the option ”Start a new table after closing a section” to receive income even faster!

What other advantages does this offer?

1) Your clients' orders will be placed on the new table
2) You will be independent from other clients and structures

Now you can receive reward units for each section of your new table.

But, what about your previous table?

Don't worry! It will keep on working to increase the income of the clients there!

By selecting this new option, you will no longer depend on other structures and sponsors. All the orders of your referrals will be placed in your new table. Your income will only depend on you and your team!

Start using this new option today!

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Published: 08.10.2016
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