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1oz. 1092.00 EUR
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Gold Fixing

GoldSet program new revolutionary opportunities! Accelerated orders: get income even more faster!

We accelerate income generation at a global level!


Every client can receive reward units for each section without waiting for the full completion of tables!

Choose any:

  • The most popular and time-tested GoldSet Standard order
  • Fast and economical GoldSet Multicards order
  • Quick and profitable GoldSet Goldline order

Or, the exclusive orders for exclusive GIG-branded gold bars

  • GoldSet Global Smart and GoldSet Global Pro


Promote orders and new opportunities,

Receive rewards in parts and see the results of your work even faster

The GoldSet Program Terms and Conditions have been updated and published on the official website including all the new aspects concerning the registration of customers’ orders and amount of remunerations. For additional features, see the sections of particular order rewards.

We keep improving our services for you. The number of customers and revenues grow everyday!

Achieve new financial accomplishments with the new features of the GoldSet program.


Informative booklets with the conditions and new features of the orders are available for download:

Download the GoldSet Standard booklet

Download the GoldSet Multicards/Goldline booklet

Download the GoldSet Global Smart/Pro booklet


You can also find them in the section For advertising


Do not waste a minute!

We wish you the best of success!

Publication date: 2016-08-24 13:43