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Grand Opening of the Global InterGold representative office in Zurich Switzerland

The day-long Global InterGold Grand Presentation 2015 on September 21 was so encouraging for each of the attendants that it is hard to tell which moment arouse more emotions among the audience. All the more so because the distinctive Global InterGold branded gold bars given to those present turned out to be also the invitation card for the second day of the event!

On September 22, every guest had the chance to assist the inauguration of the new Global InterGold representative office in Zurich, Switzerland. This gem of a building located in the nerve centre of the city offers a glimpse of the distinction and prestige of Global InterGold.

Throughout the day, the office administrator gave the best hospitality possible giving a warm friendly welcome to the clients. The office has a minimalist décor with Global InterGold signs, exquisite pictures of gold bars, rooms equipped with the latest technology, promotional materials, and a unique Show room of gold products.

First, the groups visited the premises: restrooms; kitchen; the marketing room and media studio where every marketing campaign is designed. Then the expectations rose when they could admire the President's Office for negotiations and meetings, and the conference room.

Then the guests proceeded to the symbolic heart of the office: the Show Room! The room was bathed in light which reflected in the gold bars, watches and bottles with golden leaves exhibited. And surprises did not end there - the President and the Development Director made their entrance amid applause from the guests!

The authorities dedicated some heart-warming words and cut the inaugural ribbon at the rhythm of the words Gold, the real money! What is more, every client could take a piece of this golden ribbon. Then, the President proposed a champagne toast to celebrate their achievements!

After the toast, everybody moved to the conference room where the Development Director encouraged everyone introducing news about the Global InterGold future events in November and April, with novelties for leaders!

Before saying goodbye, every authority reminded the attendants that the office doors will always remain wide open to each Global InterGold client who wishes to know more about the activity and development of the Online Gold Shop, as well as other official matters.

Now, every Global InterGold client can count on this representative office as it will serve from now on as the communication bridge between the Online Gold Shop and its clients.

You are always welcome at the new Global InterGold representative Office in Zurich, Switzerland. It is located in the Weisses Schloss, or in English, the White Castle. Our Castle is a symbol of a stable and powerful future for all of us. Visits to the representative office are by appointment only. To make an appointment please visit our website at www.globalintergold.com

For more information about this grandiose event read the official article about the Grand Presentation 2015: Grand Presentation 2015: Presentation of New Clients' Awards!


We wish you the greatest success!

Gold, the real money!


Publication date: 2015-09-28 15:03