Grand Presentation 2015 Ceremonial Part: Guests were granted exclusive physical gold bars!
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Grand Presentation 2015 Ceremonial Part: Guests were granted exclusive physical gold bars!
Global InterGold

The much-awaited Global InterGold Grand Presentation 2015 was held in Zurich, Switzerland, one of the main economic centers of the world. The official part, which took place in the stylish and classical conference hall, included inspiring speeches of the management.

Two floors of the luxurious The Dolder Grand hotel in Zurich were exclusively reserved for the celebration of the Global InterGold Grand Presentation 2015 !

Following the official part of the event, the attendants of the Grand Presentation had a short break to relax, discuss all the novelties they had got during the speeches of the management and prepare for the exciting second part.

In the evening, the guests were invited to the ceremonial part in a sumptuous lounge with splendid views where they had the splendid opportunity to enjoy the Gold Show - a unique presentation of unique, high-quality products.

Models walked down the runway holding limited- edition Global InterGold branded gold bars, Global InterGold branded leadership watches and other products made of this noble metal. All the official photos will be published soon!

These awards are reserved for those who achieve high quality results in the gold business development and are, therefore, a symbol of financial victories in the gold world.

Global InterGold Awarding Ceremony!

The culmination point of the second part was the Awarding Ceremony. Every guest was granted a limited-edition Global InterGold branded gold bar, designed specially for the Grand Presentation, which served too as the invitation to the inauguration of the Online Gold Shop representative office on the next day.

These invitations are the perfect start for a private collection of Global InterGold branded products – a privilege reserved for every Global InterGold client who aims high.

The Grand Presentation distinguished guests enjoyed every moment

After the Awarding Ceremony, during the Apéro Riche, the guests could delight with appetizers served by waiters while enjoying the performance of a talented cellist. Everybod had the opportunity to converse and exchange views on the gold business with people from different countries as well as take photos to capture the happiest memories! The evening ended with the President's farewell words which deeply inspired the guests.

These events unite different people from different origins – and yet, united by a common objective. Together we are stronger and more successful; we can prosper and help others prosper. This is the main objective of the Global InterGold gold business.

Stay with us and be the first to know the latest news from the Global InterGold gold world!

Gold, the real money!

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Published: 29.09.2015
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