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Grand Summer Voyage 2017: get a ticket for the Mediterranean paradise!

Already? Yes! We are launching the next Grand Summer Voyage competition, we have updated its rules, and enlarged its number of participants!

The Grand Summer Voyage 2017 is YOUR dreamy journey at the expense of the company!

THEGRAND SUMMER VOYAGE is awarded to the winners of the competition. Every client can participate! A dreamy, all-expense-paid trip across the Mediterranean Sea on board the biggest, most luxurious, and expensive cruise!

Today, 8th October, we are launching the Grand Summer Voyage 2017 for you to have enough time to develop your business.

How to go on this cruise?

  • Recommend the Online Gold Shop

  • Promote the product

  • Invite more new clients

  • Place new orders

Are you ready to prove that you deserve to win the Grand Summer Voyage 2017 competition? Share your success and victory with the best gold businessmen and the company's management!


Take part in the Grand Summer Voyage 2017 competition




Further information about the competition here.

Publication date: 2016-10-08 15:54