[Grand Summer Voyage 2017] GIG clients conquer the Mediterranean!
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[Grand Summer Voyage 2017] GIG clients conquer the Mediterranean!

A summer cruise for the best company’s clients is in full swing: the sun, waves, luxurious rest, entertainment ... and a sustainable growth in the gold business. If this is not a dreamy trip, what is?

See how successful entrepreneurs relax and open new business horizons with Global InterGold! 

Do you follow our heroes’ journey on board the magnificent Meraviglia cruise ship of the MSC Cruises fleet?

They have recently discovered the sights of Marseilles, Genoa and Naples. Today, they are in Messina and tomorrow will arrive in Valletta!

What does the cruise entertainment program aboard one of the best ships in the world embrace? Exquisite dinners, shows, sports, parties and, of course, business trainings.

And do not forget the most interesting part! Right now, the fate of the Grand Summer Voyage 2017 participants is being decided: only one of them will win the struggle for 1 KILO OF GOLD.

The competition for the prize worth 38,000 euros is one of the most exciting and momentous events of this summer!


Who, in your opinion, is most likely to win?

Leave your suggestions in the comments, support gold business heroes!

Let's just enjoy a few sneak pics from the voyage:

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Published: 30.08.2017
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Matteo Galleri
Matteo Galleri
You are all beautiful, congratulations..!!!
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