Grand Summer Voyage for everyone but 1kg of gold for just a lucky one!
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Grand Summer Voyage for everyone but 1kg of gold for just a lucky one!
Global InterGold

The Grand Summer Voyage 2016 finished in August. But in the course of this marvelous trip, another competition was held: the 1 KG Gold Contest. The winner was a client that, by that time, had been developing his business with Global InterGold for only six months.

Even though Gevork Dzhlavyan has recently started in this business, he managed to win. He even admitted that he does not really make use of the Internet, which limits his possibilities. What is his secret then?

Tenacity, perseverance, dedication, and self-confidence.

Gevork Dzhlavyan declared in an interview that, in order to prove others that the business is reliable, you have to believe in what you say. And he is very grateful to the company for his achievements:

The company has created all the conditions for us to work and earn”

G. Dzhlavyan

Everybody has the chance to win!

Winning the Grand Summer Voyage competition and obtaining 1 kilogram of gold worth 38,000 euros as well as getting any other awards from the company is a real possibility. Have a look at the rules of the Grand Summer Voyage competition, and you will observe that you can win no matter how many clients you have in your structure at the beginning of the competition. Only the points scored during the competition period count!

What is to be obtained by participating in the Grand Summer Voyage competition?

First of all, profit. When you don't have a clear goal, the outcome is generally disappointing. But when you have a clearly defined goal, the results are better and way more profitable. The same principle applies to this competition: be determined to win, and see your income grow!

And don't forget about the grand prize of the competition. Have a look at the pictures taken in the last cruise! By participating in the Grand Summer Voyage competition, you can go on a dreamy journey and win 1kg of gold!



Owning gold is always profitable. It can be either easily sold or used as capital protection against inflation. Moreover, you can run a gold business with Global InterGold. Reach success and financial independence!

Do not miss the chance to trigger your income by participating in the Grand Summer Voyage 2017 competition!

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Published: 26.10.2016
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