Grand Winter Voyage 2017 Competition has started!
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Grand Winter Voyage 2017 Competition has started!
Global InterGold

On December 15 Global InterGold launched a new competition for its top customers!

If you place orders in the Online Gold Shop,

and effectively promote its goods and services,

then you are ready to take up this challenge!

Win the award of the Global InterGold Grand Winter Voyage 2017 Competition: a journey to Golden Asia!

Global InterGold delves into the heart of Far East for the first time to discover its secrets!

New journey,

New rules,

New achievements!

Grand Winter Voyage 2017 is the long-awaited journey by Global InterGold Leaders!

The competition is for every leader and those clients who aim to become a true leader!

Develop your favorite business, help your team, and discover the secrets of the Far East!

What you will find in the Grand Winter Voyage 2017:

  • Golden new discoveries, golden new secrets

  • Cities, which changed the course of history

  • Ancient trade routes that revolutionized the world

Become one of the 30 happy winners of the Grand Winter Voyage 2017 Leaders Competition!

  • Escape into an Oriental tale of wonder

  • Unlock ancient mysteries

  • Immerse yourself in the Asian gold culture

We highly value the contribution of every client who is committed to the business, his goals, be a leader and achieve a huge success together with thousands of people!

Everyone has a chance to win!

Be a real leader and win this extraordinary award!

The winners will be chosen depending on continents:

10 winners from North and South America

10 winners from Europe and Africa

10 winners from Asia and Australia



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Published: 05.01.2016
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