“Great Heart” winners are known!
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“Great Heart” winners are known!
Global InterGold


We were looking forward to this moment and it has come. Who will receive the highest Global InterGold’s award? 

For weeks, you have voted for the most generous, kind and empathic customers who prove that their hearts are indeed great every day. They do not go with the flow and behave inert, but make decisions and undertake actions aimed at helping others.

Most importantly, they all choose this life path not for the sake of award and recognition: they just listen to their heart. That is why we consider it important to express our deepest gratitude to them and make themselves a name in the history.

The "Great Heart" medal will be solemnly presented to the winners at the Global Convention 2017 in Munich on November 3rd

To thunderous applause, we will award the 5 voting leaders and the 5 candidates selected by the management.

Incredible surprises await the best of the best await, you definitely cannot miss them!

Are you ready to learn the names of those who will receive the highest award by Global InterGold?


We sincerely congratulate the winners and thank all those who helped us make the right choice by actively supporting their heroes!

Stay tuned, see you in Munich!


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Published: 20.10.2017
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